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Satoshi’s 2018: Largest Bitcoin-centric conference to-date. Report from Conference


This past weekend, Many Bitcoin Cash supporters and investors gathered in Tokyo, Japan for the Bitcoin Unlimited event, Satoshi’s Vision Conference. The conference was a success and saw many of the Bitcoin Cash families pulled together to discuss a common issue.

More to that, it will interest you to know that the three-day conference was filled with synergy as the event was the largest bitcoin-centric conference to-date.

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The event was hosted by the Master of Ceremonies Taariq Lewis, the founder of Aquila, and saw many special guests including Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun and Andrew Stone, Bitcoin ABC’s Amaury Sechet, Nchain’s Craig Wright, the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute’s Daniel Krawisz, Centbee’s Lorien Gamaroff, and many more bitcoin cash evangelists.

Daniel Krawisz discuss how BCH proponents can entice him to support BCH alongside how they can entice others as well. Basically, Krawisz describes what would entice him to split his old UTXOs and sell BTC for BCH. Krawisz explains some of the key methods of persuasion:

Investment is like survival — The key to success is convincing people who are paying attention that BCH will survive. Whatever is going on around here a long time from now, BCH will probably still be part of that mess.

The following day saw great talks by the BCH Tokyo co-founder Ken Shishido, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Andrew Stone and Peter Rizun, as well as Bitcoin ABC’s lead developer Amaury Sechet, talk about the future of bitcoin cash. Bitcoin.com’s CEO Roger Ver told the crowd how BCH can increase economic freedom worldwide.

“We’ve heard about a lot of people that were involved in what used to be a digital currency mock the idea of using it as a currency,” Ver explains talking about how core supporters don’t respect that bitcoin was made to be a currency and why he thinks bitcoin cash is the closest to Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper and the true intentions of bitcoin.

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Another highlight of the conference was Dr. Craig Wright’s famous quote that got people all light up.

Dr. Wright talked about the many things the community can expect from him and the blockchain company Nchain, such as research findings and studies on bitcoin and scaling the network. Further Dr. Wright delved into a slideshow touching on bitcoin network topology and small world vs mesh. However, he got the crowd really fired up when he stated:

Bitcoin is all I work on, bitcoin is my life — For the next 10, 20, 30 years, bitcoin is all I will work on — My goal is for five billion people to use bitcoin daily.

In general conclusions the event was a great success in the beautiful city of Tokyo, and it seems there is a very strong force behind BCH here in Japan.


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