Home news Russia 2018: Hotels to accept bitcoin payments from World Cup fans

Russia 2018: Hotels to accept bitcoin payments from World Cup fans


FIFA World Cup 2018 is set to kick off in few months from now, with Russia as the host nation. It will excite you to know that Football Fans will be able to pay with bitcoin for their accommodation.

Hotels in Kaliningrad, expecting guests from eight countries, are partnering with a local payment provider to offer the service. Booking a room for the day when England plays Belgium will cost approx. $300 in fiat.

Kaliningrad , the capital of Russia’s westernmost region, is one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The city is expecting teams and supporters from Spain, Belgium, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Croatia, Morocco and Nigeria.

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The football lovers that is visiting Russia are given the offer to pay  in bitcoin by the Hotel owners in the Russia. According to local media, a hotel chain has already teamed up with a payment processor to provide the service. Anna Subbotina, manager of Apartments Malina, commented:

“We have decided that fans should be able to pay for our services with the help of this innovative technology”,

We hope this introduction of bitcoin payments in the hospitality industry will catalyze mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in Russia


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