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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

MMM Admins Rejects Selling Cryptocurrency or Mavrodi Coin ICO

Mavrodi Coin

MMM Administration have come online to clear the air about the many cryptocurrency and ICOs using the name Mavrodi. MMM Administration have warn the public that they have nothing to do with any cryptocurrency or ICO bearing the name Mavrodi.

The coin they refer to in particular was the Mavrodi Coin with Twitter followers and a website carrying out its activities under the banner of the late Sergei Mavrodi. MMM however have warn that this coin is likely a fraud as they hide behind others to carry out their activities. They argued that if the intention was genuine the owners would come out and identify themselves and not using someones name.

MMM Admin have warned that buying or doing any transaction with that crypto is at personal risk and MMM won't/should not and can not be blamed for whatever lose incurred(The should not/can not be praised for gains too). Below ist the news released by MMM Admin

Projects selling cryptocurrency or tokens and carrying out ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Sergey Mavrodi have lately become more active.

Projects selling cryptocurrency or tokens and carrying out ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Sergey Mavrodi have lately become more active.

(For instance:

https://twitter.com/MAVRO_COIN )

All of these projects are frauds. Neither MMM nor Mr Mavrodi have nothing to do with them. MMM communicates with its members and carries out all transactions exclusively via the official Personal Account (http://mmmoffice.com) and the country-specific web-sites (please, find the list here: https://mmmglobal.org/registration/). All the other web-sites, projects and accounts in the social networks bear no relation to Sergey Mavrodi.

Those who use another person's name to pull off their deals are liars and fraudsters. Why don't they use their own names if they want to do something good? Stay alert and be reasonable, don't trust such people with your money.

Best regards,
Sergey Mavrodi and MMM Administration

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The public should therefore becareful when dealing with any cryptocurrency named Mavrodi coin as this coin is not related to MMM and late Sergei Mavrodi. MMM Admins were however silent as regard the MMM Coin which has been trending online for while now. It is beleived that MMM Coin will be used by the Admins to Pay all Money/Mavros Stuck in the MMM platform worldwide. We still await an official comment from MMM Admins regarding the MMM COIN.

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