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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Investors shouldn't be afraid as Banning Bitcoin is impractical - Experts

A crypto expert has explained that banning Bitcoin is impractical and almost impossible if not impossible. 

A research or survey carried out in India and South Korea have shown that despite governmental threats to ban Bitcoin, the number of investors kept on increasing over the last few months. Not to forget that this increase is coming even after Bitcoin has fallen from the 17k to 9k price. 

Moreover, the Indian crypto sector is continuing to grow. According to a recent study, new crypto-related jobs in the country have increased almost 300 percent in a period of six months last year. 

A poll suggested that Indians are
optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies in their country. Ordinary people have also found alternative ways to acquire cryptos from abroad.

Hence, some experts say it would not only be hard to regulate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but also impractical to write them off completely.

Do you agree with what the experts says that banning of Bitcoin is impractical? And do you think the growth of investors is a proof to what the experts have said? Drop your comments below and subscribe to our newsletter for more latest crypto news. 

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