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How To Safely Participate In MMM This New Year

Safely Participate In MMM

The MMM community that experienced lots of set backs, several pause mode and restart in 2018 have made a comeback. If you still wish to participate in the new MMM but is afraid then you need a little help. What if there is a way for you to safely participate in MMM, would try it out.

We have put together some valid tips to help you participate in this new MMM community, its good you follow this rule and be on the safe side while in the MMM community. The rules below are coined from past mistakes made by many participants, so please read carefully and abide by the rules to play safe.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The new MMM have same feature like the old MMM. You Register for a free MMM Account using this Official Link. Note that participating in MMM is at personal risk.


The following rules will help you to safely participate in MMM. Please read carefully the break down that follow the rules. The explanation is very vital for you to understand these rules.

  1. Don’t be greedy.
  2. See and Accept MMM As it Truly Is.
  3. Participate In MMM at your own risk.
  4. Understand The MMM ideology.
  5. Know When To Stop Participating.
  6. Don’t Have Too Much Money In The System At A Time

Now lets try and explain the above for better understanding. Note that the above is not meant to scare you or encourage you to participate in MMM. It is meant to be an eye opener and help you stay safe while participating in MMM.


The first rule of participating in MMM is avoid greed. The truth is, MMM is not a financial or some investment scheme. MMM is a community of mutual donation where members help members, so this means that you should not be too greedy to participate with money that you wont otherwise use to help someone else.

For example, physically you won’t likely help someone with 1 million then in MMM don’t participate with 1 million. If you participate with that huge some, it is assumed by the admin that you are generous giver and you wish to help someone.

Since MMM is not so reliable you can easily lose more money if your focus is on the huge returns. Look past the return and focus on your lost. If you know you can’t afford to loss the money then don’t throw in that much in MMM.


Take MMM as it truly is, MMM is not an investment website or platform. MMM is a get rich quick scheme. MMM is a ponzi scheme but MMM is surely not a business organization. Having this in mind, one should think about how much he can afford to loose before participating in MMM.

MMM from the onset have always said that they are community of mutual donation to help fellow members. And they boldly said that all members should participate with their spare money only. So when participating in MMM, have it in mind that MMM is not a business venture or an investment website.


The third way to safely participate in MMM is that you should take responsibility for joining the platform. Know that no one will share your gain or profit with you and vice versa if it goes side ways.

So to safely and successfully participate in MMM be sure to know that you are participating in MMM at you own risk, this way you will be able to decide on how much to invest and how long.

When it comes to putting thousands of naira, don’t ask your guider or the person who introduce for advice. trust me most of them will advice you to PH huge money and get huge returns. They need your referral bonus.So take responsibility for your actions. PH wisely and learn to participate following the rules listed so far and the ones below.


Although most people just skip to the part where they make money, they have no time to read the terms and conditions associated with PH and GH in MMM. Others don’t even have an idea about what MMM is truly about.

So before you start participating in MMM again, please try and understand it’s ideology. The ideology is simple,”MMM IS A COMMUNITY OF MUTUAL DONATION”. A place where members help each other to financial freedom.

It means that you give out money with the hope that someone else will be ready to give you when you need. But what if you have given someone and that person refuse to give to you. These are some of the things to consider before you jump right into MMM.


We hate to be the bearer/carrier of bad news but the simple truth is that as a system built on the pyramid structure, MMM will at one point lack enough PH to merge its GH. So its very important that you know when to stop PH or when to increase PH to sustain the system.

Like other Ponzi scheme, nothing is certain in MMM. You might just wake up and see that MMM website has been shut down. To safely participate in MMM you should know when to stop throwing money into the system.

Look out for signs and carefully analyze and understand these signs. Imagine having some money stuck and MMM said you need to PH double of that money to get it back. My friend that is the first signal that the system is going down.


This simply put is, don’t PH multiple times in the system. For example, you have a 100k PH in the system, wait till that one is ripe and available for GH before you PH another 100k or 200k.

It’s not wise for you to have more than one PH in the system at a time as this will affect you if there is an eventual pause or restart. You should PH only after your previous money has been paid to your account. And don’t PH higher than your previous money.

It is also wise for you to be saving your profits. Don’t throw back everything you get from MMM right back into the system. Assume you PH 100k and was paid 130k. Don’t PH the 130K back, save some for yourself. In fact we advice you that your next PH should be smaller.

MMM is an idea that is been pushed close to perfection so know that there will be hick ups along the line as you participate in MMM. But if you follow the rules above, you will reduce the risk of loosing too much in MMM. If you need any advice or help with MMM please use the CONTACT US PAGE to send us a message.


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