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Fast Fact: More Than 70% Of Crypto Users Have No Idea What is Crypto and The Blockchain Technology

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It is always good, safe and wise to know the debt of a pool before jumping into that pool for a swim. But it seems most of the crypto users today have no idea about crypto and the underlying blockchain technology. The truth is almost everyone is attracted to bitcoin because they want to make quick cash from bitcoin and the truth is some really did make good amount of money from bitcoin even though they don’t have an idea what bitcoin truly is.

In Africa alone, majority of crypto users are bitcoin users/investors. And these users came to know about bitcoin from investment platforms, ponzi schemes and mutual donation platforms like MMM, Bitclub Advantage just to name a few. It has been observed that most of the crypto users in Africa are female and they have little or no knowledge about how bitcoin and other crypto works.
In Nigeria alone it is observed that for the first five transactions, the sending and receiving of bitcoin into a wallet address is carried out by the persons who introduced a client. This is so because when these persons were introduced, they didn’t have the idea about how to perform the simple send and receive operations in Blockchain and other wallets providers.
while bitcoin and its brothers might be gaining popularity by the day, it is also important that users should be able to introduce others to the blockchain technology and show others how to send and receive bitcoin/crypto into their wallet.
In Europe, some schools are now preparing to take crypto courses and study how it works, the technology and idea behind these digital money and this might just help  more persons know more about crypto-currency.



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