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Exactly Same day last Month, Rabobank called Crypto high risk. But Building Wallet Today. Be wise!


Is this hypocrisy or what? A Dutch multinational financial provider, Rabobank has announced the possible introduction of a ‘cryptocurrency wallet’ tethered to the company’s banking services. 

This was the same bank that warned investors to beware of investing in CryptoCurrency last month. 

“Bitcoins are considered to be risky products. Customers who trade in high-risk products can have a higher risk profile. It is conceivable that companies that deal with cryptocurrencies are seen as too risky and can therefore not be accepted as a customer,” Rabobank stated on February 2.

But this week the Dutch institution, Rabobank, the second-largest bank in the Netherlands in terms of total assets revealed it may introduce a cryptocurrency wallet called “ Rabobit .”

“The idea of Rabobit is a cryptocurrency wallet within the online banking environment,” explains the Dutch bank .

Still wondering what could have prompt this change of mind? 

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Well, its called business and Evey one is here for profit and gains. Let’s just guess that Rabobank has reinvestigated CryptoCurrencies and in the process has saw something great.  

Is Rabobank hypocrite or they are just smart? Will you join them in having change of mind to invest? Drop your comments below. 

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