Home news Ex-England and Man Utd player, Micheal Owen Launched his own Cryptocurrency

Ex-England and Man Utd player, Micheal Owen Launched his own Cryptocurrency


Ex-England, Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Michael Owen is launching a cryptocurrency in his own name. The retired England star announced on Wednesday his investment in the Singapore-based Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) as he unveiled the “Owen Coin”.

The celebrity tokens will allow fans to buy merchandise such as personal training videos, make donations to charities and even interact with the ex-sportsman via live-streaming.

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GCOX bills itself as the “world’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange” and said the listing of different celebrities’ tokens on its exchange would provide an objective indication of their popularity.

“Fans can be connected to their favourite celebrities in a much, much intimate level,” said Owen, 38, in Hong Kong.

Despite the regulators across Asia taking a more critical look at cryptocurrencies as their values fluctuates wildly, The ex-Liverpool star has not been put off by investing in the market.

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Micheal Owen is not the first athlete to venture into the business.
Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is also set to release own cryptocurrency on GCOX, while former welterweight boxing king Floyd Mayweather is also among the list of celebrities endorsing initial coin offerings, according to reports.

Following late last year rise of crypto as led by bitcoin that was fetching almost $20,000 per unit before slumping to around $9,000 currently.

Owen concluded by telling reporters:

“When the price of bitcoin reached a new high last year, I knew it was a clear trajectory to cryptocurrency as a global phenomenon,” 

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