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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Details: Why MMM Still Remains The Best Mutual Donation Platform

MMM 2018

We know some persons will get upset at the title of this article but please bear it in mind that it is not our intention to get you upset. Before you get overly upset, please take few minutes to read this article and tell us what you think via your comment below.

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Truth be told, the MMM platform is consistent and its adaptive to changes around the community. This is one of the many reasons why it still remains the best. This consistency plans makes it possible for old mavros to be paid as they kept and is visible for members in the dashboard. Other platforms lack this feature and that is why once there is a collpase every member have to start from the scratch but in MMM you don't start from scratch, you continue from the previous foundation.


Another reason why MMM will likely remain the best mutual donation platform is that it is global. This makes MMM not only popular but also brings about a last resort measure to build a collapse platform. In Nigeria and Brazil for example, when there was a restart the MMM admin temporary switched the crypto currency PH to global in other to help rebuild the system. MMM Brazil is now on its feet and MMM Nigeria is gradually getting back up recording series of increase in PH volumes over the past weeks.

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The MMM platform is relatively transparent as it tells its members when there is restart and when there is a pause mode. After these announcements are made, members are left to decide to continue PH or not.  Although the Admins won't let members know exactly what is happening all the time but when there is break down, the MMM admins openly admits and points out the errors and the way forward.


The MMM platform have one of the most active online support and online consultant agents in the world of mutual financial donations. The MMM support team usually respond within 24-48 hours and they work to help resolve issues partaining, Fake Proof of payment, Invalid account details, Lifting Moratorium etc.

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The rules and regulations are open and are written in simple terms for everyone to understand. Unlike other communities that hides their main motives, MMM have openly laid down their motives and its simple, Provide help to Get Help but do this with your spare money.

 There are more reasons why MMM can be regarded as the best mutual donation platform but lets allow the reasons above to sink in. If you are an MMM member, don't forget to share this article across various social media platform to alert people that MMM is alive but remember to participate only with your spare money. 

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