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Crypto Price Update: Markets on Rise again this Weekend

Crypto Price

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Cryptocurrency markets rise continues again this weekend as the total market capitalization of all 1,500 digital assets touches $465Bn.

Digital asset markets are on the high again this weekend as most cryptocurrencies are seeing gains between 0.60 to 15 percent.
BTC/USD markets are up 4.6 percent as Investors have pushed the price up past the $11K region yesterday.

Crypto Price

News about the other top cryptocurrencies  is also pleasant to hear. As currently most of the other top CryptoCurrencies are in the green right now seeing 5 percent gains or more. Ethereum (ETH) markets are up 0.82 percent as one ETH is averaging $863 per token. The third highest market capitalization held by ripple (XRP) is seeing gains around 0.49 percent as one XRP is $0.90. Bitcoin cash (BCH) markets are following a strong correlation with BTC markets once again as BCH is up 2 percent today. One bitcoin cash is averaging a USD price of around $1,280 at the time of publication. Lastly, the fifth highest market valuation held by litecoin (LTC) is up 3.5 percent. One LTC is hovering around $213 per coin at the moment. (BTC) markets have a much stronger dominance today amongst all the other markets as BTC dominance is averaging 41 percent during today’s trading sessions.

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