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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Crypto Price Update: Bitcoin Sink once again, Other digital assets follow suit

This is definitely not a Good news for crypto investors. BTC/USD values have once again dipped under the $8K range. As Cryptocurrency prices have dropped considerably over the past 48 hours since the last markets update.

BTC/USD markets are lingering just above the $7,800 region after losing momentum just above the $8K zone during today’s early morning trading sessions. BTC global trade volume is only a few million lower than our last analysis, as the past 24-hours has seen about $5.2Bn in trades. And the top five exchanges worldwide trading the most BTC today include Bitfinex, Okex, Binance, Bitflyer, and Huobi. 

Crypto-Traders Uncertainty and Doubt Remain. Traders uncertainty continue as BTC/USD price dropped, trying to stay above $9K. Shorts (betting against the price) started stacking up on exchanges like Bitmex and other trading platforms, offering margin trading. Long (betting the value will be bullish) contracts have slimmed as well over the past weekend. 

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Regulatory FUD has lessened a touch in the news but overall the past few months of doubt still plagues cryptocurrency markets today.

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