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Crypto Market Price Update: Bitcoin Struggling while ETH, LTC and others gain

Bitcoin suffered loss last week and it’s also struggling to keep up at the above 9k USD. 

BTC/USD markets reached a weighted average of $9,892 across global exchanges during the overnight trading sessions. This rise follows BTC/USD prices touching a low of $8,366 on March 9 and many other digital assets reaching lows as well. 
Other CryptoCurrency are also facing similar fate as BTC, as it is difficult for them to maintain the early morning gains. 
However we can still say that CryptoCurrencies in general are doing well when compared to few days back. They seem to be in a recovery mode. 

The second largest cryptocurrency market capitalization held by ethereum (ETH) is up 1.9 percent as one ETH is roughly $730. Ripple (XRP) has seen some smaller gains as one XRP is $0.82 cents, and markets are only up 0.76 percent. The fourth largest market valuation is bitcoin cash (BCH), and its markets are up 3.7 percent today. One BCH is averaging around $1,113 per coin. Lastly, litecoin (LTC) is also seeing some decent recovery as one LTC is about $190 during this afternoon’s trading sessions. At the moment BTC’s market valuation is dominating by 42 percent amongst 1500+ cryptocurrencies.
Traders are still in doubt to where this current spike is headed or if it will be short-lived. 
Do you think BTC is going to fall below 9k amount again? Or the spike will continue till it gets to 10k plus? You can tell us what you think below in the comments section and also subscribe to our newsletter below. 


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