Home news $18.7M Worth of Bitcoin Sold by The US Marshals Office

$18.7M Worth of Bitcoin Sold by The US Marshals Office


A spokesperson has announced on Thursday that, the U.S. Marshals Office successfully sold 2,170.7 bitcoins to two bidders in its most recent auction on March 9 2018.

The spokesperson has revealed in a press, that the bitcoins had been distributed to the winning bidders, one of whom received 2,100 and the other who bought the remaining 70.7. We are not certain yet whether the bitcoins were bought at market prices, but at press time the combined total value of the bitcoins was roughly $18.7 million.

Forty-two bidders registered for the auction, and 39 bids were received, the spokesperson said.

The Sales of the Bitcoin was announced on March 5 , when the Marshals stated the coins would be sold in 14 different blocks (as in “lots,” not the cryptocurrency meaning of the word).

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The smallest auction block contained roughly 70 bitcoins, while the other 13 blocks contained either 100 or 500 bitcoins.

Although as at this time of writing, the winners from the March 19 auction have so far not identified themselves.

But on the other hand, do you think the winners will ever publicize themselves? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below and also subscribe to our newsletter for more crypto news. 


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