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You can now buy a House and Pay with Bitcoin in the UK

Hagan homes accepts bitcoin as House payment

Ballyclare-based Hagan Homes is believed to be the first firm of its kind in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland to take the step of accepting crypto Bitcoin as a means of payment. 

The company’s manager, Jamesy Hagan said: ‘Bitcoin is an innovative new payment method and essentially a new kind of money. It is very similar to a cash transaction.

‘There has been a significant growth in the use of Bitcoin worldwide and our acceptance of this new channel reflects our willingness to respond to the market.’

James Hagan also accepted that there are some challenges facing the use of CryptoCurrency. 

‘Of course, there are some risks to using Bitcoin for payment due to the cryptocurrency’s volatility, but buyers and sellers are finding creative ways to deal with these challenges,’ he said.

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‘By incorporating the learning from our peers into our approach we can embrace this innovation.’

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