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See Why Bitclub Advantage Investors are Complaining About The Newly Launched Bitclub 3.0

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The beloved Bitclub Advantage which is a bitcoin investment platform recently upgraded its platform from version 2.0 to version 3.0. And this new upgrade have brought about some many complaints from various investors. It is quite understandable that no new change is easily accepted by people, but according to Alex Pereire the CEO of bitclub advantage, these change is been done to benefit investors. See some of the modification made to the Bitclub Advantage platform below


 1. All old bonus and gains acquired frozen: This is perhaps one the main reason why investors are complaining. Their acquired bonus and gains in version 2.0 is frozen and pending withdrawal. The only bonus and gains available for withdrawal will be those acquired in version 3.0
2. Indirect Bonus: In version 2.0 the indirect bonus was up to 8 generation for all active packages but in version 3.0, it has been upgraded. Bronze to Gold packages is just 3 generations, premium package is just 5 levels, black package 6 levels, master package 7 levels and VIP package 8 levels. Same also applies to the monthly residual income.
 3. Removal of some packages: In version 2.0 there are packages like partner($30) and Basic($55). In version 3.0 these packages have been scrapped. The reason for this is because these packages are no longer profitable with the increase in bitcoin price and transaction fees.
These are just the few changes made by Bitclub Advantage in the recently launched version 3.0. What do you think about Bitclub Advantage Freezing the money of its investors? is it a nice move or bad move? please tell us what you think via your comment below



  1. we were not told that upgrade will take away our withdrawer button some of us just did our upgrade from package partner to bronze 3days before the upgrade to 3.0 otherwise we should have waited for the new 3.0 before making our own upgrade and we have not make any withdrawer since we join bitclub pls they should try and restore our withdrawer button back

  2. Update reaching us is that,Bitcoin Payment is been sent to withdrawal address within 24hrs. Exercise a little patient and please read the new Bitclub 3.0 rules to know how to be eligible for withdrawal. We Hope you can withdraw soon.


  3. Prince there is a new update that once you upgrade your Bitclub Advantage Account, you will be able to withdraw. Your earnings from 2.0 is not wiped out but its frozen. You can upgrade your current package to access your 2.0 earnings.

  4. I just join bit club 3days ago and my version I is 2.0 ……what will happen to my account and is there any need for upgrade

  5. I afiliated into bitclub 3weeks ago as gold client now all my benefits have been brought back to zero.what become my ninty something dollars that i benefited in the last 12days .where can i get it.

  6. Am done with all this …..How can u guys just make a decision like that …..to upgrade we need to invest again when I have gained nothing from my previous investment…..Am done!!!!!!

    • Pace we can feel your anger and its justified but the truth is the recent fall in bitcoin price is affecting all bitcoin investment platforms and not just Bitclub Advantage. So for now you have to bear with them and hope things improves for the better. Thanks for stopping by

  7. Why is my account still showing awaiting payment but my account gains and benefits is zero. My account is active too. Does it mean ave lost my money?

    • Dear Pace,

      Regarding your question please contact Mr Pablo on a Phone call or whatsapp – +2349083832420 or +2348117745973 he is in a better position to answer all your Bitclub Advantage related questions.

      Warm Regards

  8. When your account is active, do you still need to upgrade it? Please, may really explain to me what you meant in case by upgrading.
    One is feeling somehow frustrated.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Ngah we understand how you feel. please note that if you already have an active account in bitclub 4.0 that is you recently bought a bitclub advantage package, then you don’t have to worry. But if you have not, then you need to buy a new bitclub advantage package to keep your bitclub account alive and qualify you for withdrawal. That is the latest from bitclub admins

  9. Please i am very new here, i activated my account just 1 month from now before this new development. Now i don’t know what to do. i tried renovate with my old balance, both my gain and balance is empty noting is working….. Please help me on the amount to upgrade. please u can also reply me on my E-mail philistarluv@gmail.com

  10. Hi pls I just upgrade my account from gold to premium a day older before I was asked to renovate, please help me out as I have new investors, they didn’t earn a dime and they were asked to renovate now they are on my neck.. please help me out can I still withdraw after I renovate astleast my initial capital or not?

  11. Hellow team.
    what i need is to know about our money which we invested in bitclub advantage,is our money safe or is gone already?
    I from East Africa,


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