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See Some Of The Advantages Of Bitclub Version 3.0

Bitclub Advantage version 3.0

The former system was built on 2.0. Rig now the software has been upgraded to 3.0. Because the company wants to introduce new features and amend the old ones, their programmers needed to redesign the software. And also test the new software.

Here are some differences:
# The points for Awards was separate in 2.0 ( left and right) . Before u qualify for award, u need 10,000 points on one side and 1000 points on the other side.

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Now  it’s just one points system. That’s means that as long as the total points in ur team reaches 10,000, you qualify to the Gold award. This is much better.
# In 2.0, the indirect bonus was up to the 8 the generation for all the packages;
In 3.0, it has been graduated. Bronze to Gold packages is just 3 generations deep. Premium – 5 levels; Black – 6 levels; Master – 7 levels. VIP  – 8 levels.
The above also applies for the Monthly Residual Active. This will reduce the money the company pays to uplines who don’t contribute anything to the system. This is very good. 

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# In 2.0, there was Partner ($30) and Basic ($55) packages. In Version 3.0, these have been scrapped.
Reason for this is because those packages were ok when Bitcoins was $1500 +. It was ok when the total market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies was below $20 billion. 
But now Bitcoin has exceeded $10000. The total market capitalization has exceeded $500 billion. And it will reach above that very soon. Hence the cost of managing such accounts was not profitable anymore. As a forward looking company, BCA had to take such decisions to scrap them. 
Nevertheless for those who love these packages, u will still be earning ur daily 28 cents or 56cents. But once ur account closes, u will have to upgrade to Bronze package.. This is good and it will make most of us to upgrade. 
# In Version 2.0, our investments we’re not insured. 
In Version 3.0, BCA has partnered with an American company to insure our investments.
This means that in case of a system wide hacking, *EVERYBODY* will get their investments back. So, no worries.

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# In 2.0, the company’s training arm was not very visible.
In version 3.0, BITCLUB ADVANTAGE ACADEMY has been added as part of their products.
The company want us *TO LEARN* how to trade successfully and become financially independent. Let us aspire to learn to trade by ourselves. 
This is a laudable feature. No other company does that.
# 2.0 was designed to market the company to both the upper class and the lower class..
By version 3.0 is now a full fledged business. No dulling moments. There are much more good and new features in Bitclub Advantage version 3.0. 
In 2018, a lot of new companies will come up. BCA wants to position itself as the most trusted and profitable brand in the industry. BCA will last for a very long time. The question is: Will you stay to enjoy all the benefits?
The above was gotten from a WhatsApp group admin. What do you think about these analysis, are they one point? Please feel free to tell us how you feel via your comments below. 



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