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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Photos: See how MMM Nigeria Gradually Attains Stability After Restart

After the recent restart announced by MMM admin last year, the MMM Nigeria platform resumed it's operations early this year. And in a bid to attain stability and smooth running of the system, MMM admins introduced some changes to the system.

The changes includes but not restricted to,

1. Verification of all new accounts as many fake accounts were created to twat the effort of the recovery.

2. Controlled PH was introduced where a percentage of PH is merged and the complete PH merged on a later date.

3. SMS notification when your order is merged for Ph or GH.

4. Quick response CRO team that monitors and respond to situations almost immediately.

5. Orders frozen for two weeks after PH and finally released and available for GH after two weeks.

With these changes and upgrade, it seems the MMM Nigeria platform is now attaining good stability as more PH are flooding into the system daily. Below are screenshots of MMM PH orders
MMM Nigeria PH orders

MMM Nigeria PH orders

MMM Nigeria PH orders

MMM Nigeria PH orders

MMM Nigeria PH orders

MMM Nigeria PH orders
This is the recent MMM Nigeria updates as regards PH and GH orders in the system. This shows that the MMM platform is gradually getting back to its feet and activities are getting back to normal. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Mntrendsblog, like our Facebook page "Mntrends Blog" for latest updates as the MMM Nigeria saga unfolds.

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