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Panic as Bitcoin value drops drastically

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Bitcoin value drops
A conference was held days back tagged: ‘Bankthefuture’ held at Four Points, Lagos posited that cryptocurrency was the global future bank. And some stakeholders from Canada and Nigeria spoke during the conference. 
Yinka Orimogunje, a cryptocurrency expert who spoke at the event explained the evolution of money, adding that it started from metallic money to fiat money, to card money and now it is digital money.
However, panic grips some cryptocurrency investors over the rapidly falling cost of a bitcoin from $20,000 in December 2017 to bellow $8,000 in February. Should that be a cause for alarm? 
Well, many stakeholders and crypto enthusiasts are insisting that there is no cause for alarm, adding that the best time to invest more fund on bitcoins is now.
Do you think now is the best time to invest in CryptoCurrency as suggested by the stakeholders and crypto enthusiasts? Drop you comments below. 
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