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New MMM Is Global: Expands It’s Operation To 170 Countries


From recent information getting to us, the new MMM is growing its influence across the globe. Rumor have it that the New MMM is global expanding the reach of its operations to some 170 countries.

This is not coming as surprise to us as the old MMM also had its operations in various countries across the world. The use of cryptocurrency have made the whole process easy for the old and new MMM to penetrate other countries.

As at the time of writing this posts, massive PH and GH is been done in MMM. Lots of persons are even throwing in bitcoin worth thousands of dollars. You can just be part of this and easily make money or double your bitcoin.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free Account using this Official Link. Note that participating is at personal risk.

We have put together some Safety Tips to help you participate in MMM. While most people have thought the Death of Sergey Marvodi would be the end of MMM, it turns out the opposite is the case.

We still can’t say completely why it is very difficult for persons to Resist MMM. But we do know that MMM is currently fully operational and people are making good money.

A statement made by an MMM admin known as Noble in the MMM Elite group on WhatsApp read in part


Noble further went to advice people to start investing in MMM. The option of 30% and 50% monthly return was also stressed by Noble. You can see the full message from the WhatsApp group in the picture below.

New MMM Is Global

The use of digital currency have made it super easy for the new MMM to extend its reach. This new MMM is rumored to now be in the Philippines, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand and other 165 countries making it a total of 170.

To avoid local currency differences, people from other countries can PH in cryptocurrency. This makes it possible for them to be merged with people from other countries. One can say this is a smart move.

If this information is correct then the new MMM is global. But how long will this new MMM stay operational? no one can give a definite answer but we do know that there are some Truths you should know about this new MMM.

In conclusion, recent events have shown that MMM is definitely extending its reach to the world. The new MMM is global, while this might not come as a complete surprise but it does make us wonder though, how people can still trust such platform that caused lots of heartache back in 2018.

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