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How Government Policies gave rise to Crypto investors in Asia Countries


The citizens of Japan and South Korea are found to be investing more in the digital currencies. They kept getting more and more interest in the cryptocurrencies.  People from these two major Asian countries truly embrace bitcoins! 

There are many factors that contributed to the growing interest of bitcoins in the Asian Countries. According to Reuters, China’s crack had a big impact on this situation. However, the Countries government also had a major role they played in this too.

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For example, last week South Korean government put an end to Anonymous account instead of Ban on CryptoCurrency. Such action has encouraged or gave rise to increase of interest among the citizens to invest in digital currency. 
According to CoinMarketCap, Japan and South Korea are home to several high traffic cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another factor that made a huge impact on the digital currency market in these two countries, is the fact that there are no rules for investor protection, which, unfortunately, attracts a lot of scammers too. But The good thing is that South Korea planned major improvements in this 2018 and will put a lot of effort into the safety of transactions in the bitcoin world.

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From the above analysis, the government of both countries has played a major role in the rise of crypto interest among the citizens. 
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