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From Archive: Who Is To Blame For MMM Nigeria Restart | Admins or Participants

MMM Nigeria
The MMM Nigeria community have experienced many restart and pause mode over the past one year. But who is to blame for these restart and pause mode? MMM Admins or MMM participants? This article gives the fact you should take into consideration
It is  very easy to spot the dirt or fault in another mans body but one won’t take note of the dirt in his/her body. Having said that, it is true that MMM Admins did  made some very serious mistakes that led to the restart but its obvious that they were forced to make those decisions.


From the onset, MMM Nigeria participants were not even truthful to themselves and to the platform. When MMM started back in November 2016, participants started playing smart by uploading fake POP and sending fake alert to fellow MMM participants. Next they started creating multiple accounts and putting in millions and continuously getting huge first time registration bonus.
Some 1000+ guiders stop to PH totally, withdrawing millions from their downlines PH. Where these money came from was not place into consideration by these guiders. Gradually, the GH volume in MMM started to outweigh the PH volume and the system gradually became sick.


There are some sickness that Panadol extra and paracetamol could cure, but gradually MMM Nigeria became so sick that it require surgical operation to heal. The Admin made the biggest mistake by introducing mavro 100%. With the loads of debt to pay, introducing mavro 100% will only add more debt as this will mean more returns for investors.
Towards the end of November, MMM Nigeria announced a restart that crushed the spirit of many Nigerians. This update was not expected as many participants was made to believe that all is well with the system. Even a doctor will tell a dying patient that its gonna be fine.
The fall of MMM have affected many people financially and for those who hope to recover the only solution provided by MMM is PH and maybe you will have a slot for automatic GH. So you see, although MMM Admins did make some erroneous decisions, the MMM Nigeria Participants are to be blame for the restart and pause experienced by MMM  Nigeria.



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