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Crypto Update:Bitcoin and Other Crypto Experienced Continuous Fall In Price and Market Value

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Who/What Will Raise Bitcoin and Other Cryptos From This Fall?
Ever seen a child or an athlete fall so heavily that he/she requires help to get back up? or have you seen a lady with high heels struggling to walk past a slippery ground? In each case above, they need a helping hand to get going.
Well, the cryptocurrency market is falling/struggling heavily right now, and much like the antiquated practice, it’s doing little to make things better–its also far from humorous.
According to a report from COINCENTRAL below are top three crypto that have experienced a heavy fall in price and market value
Bitcoin: This big boss of the crypto world has seen better days.  The bottom hasn’t dropped out, but we’re starting to wonder where the bottom is as Bitcoin keeps dropping to lower levels of support.  Crypto’s heavy hitter is down 18% from his price point going into last Friday, sitting at roughly $9,000.  As many of us were nestled in our beds last night, Bitcoin drooped to $7,800, lower than January’s mega-correction and its lowest since the second half of November.
Ethereum: Coin Market Cap’s silver medalist is actually out-competing Bitcoin this week, even if its still in the red.  Ethereum has lost about 8% of its value from last week, currently priced at $950.  Like Bitcoin, it had a flash dip down to some extreme lows last night, touching down at $779 for the first time since the first day of the New Year.
Ripple: As with last week, Ripple’s been hit the worst out of our top three.  It’s down 28% from its entry into last Friday with an asking price of $0.88, and it went to as low as $0.64 overnight.
coincentral crypto chart
Other crypto have also have there share of this fall and investors can only wonder what will happen next. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Mntrendsblog, also like our Facebook page “Mntrends Blog for latest updates.




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