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Clash of The Koreans: North Korea Steals Cryptos Worth Millions Of Dollars From South Korea


Ostracized North Korea has been implicated in exchange hacks and scams on numerous occasions as well as unsuccesful attempts at stealing cryptocurrencies from trading sites.

This time South Korean officials believe that North Korean hackers stole tens of millions of dollars’ worth in cryptocurrencies last year, according to local reports.

 South Korean parliament member Kim Byung-kee further noted the impact of phishing emails in scamming users, according to Reuters, saying:

 North Korea sent emails that could hack into cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers’ private information and stole (cryptocurrency) worth billions of won.

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 Kyodo News reports that the National Intelligence Service (NIS), briefing the country’s lawmakers on the cyber attacks, said that phishing scams and other methods had yielded tens of billions of won in customer funds. The news service notably reported that authorities in South Korea are probing whether the same hackers were behind last month’s attack of Coincheck, which led to the theft of more than $500 million in cryptocurrency.

 Last year’s attack on cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb resulted in roughly 8 billion won being stolen, along with the personal information of some 30,000 customers, as previously reported .
 Last year, police officials claimed that North Korean attackers attempted to trick 25 employees at four exchanges with spear phishing attacks, though none appeared to have fallen for the trick. The attempted thefts were first reported by cybersecurity firm FireEye, and later confirmed by government officials. The rascal nation seems to be going after cryptocurrencies as a way to evade financial sanctions imposed by the United Nations, particularly sanctions voted in after the country’s recent nuclear missile tests.

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