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Bitmain Made a whopping $4 billion Last year from mining, But How?

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According to a Bernstein analysts, who released a report into Bitmain’s operations. It estimates the Chinese firm to have made $3-$4 billion last year from mining cryptocurrency and for selling the equipment for others to do the same.

Many persons are raising eye brows wondering how that was possible for a mining company who just started four years back. 

If Bernstein’s figures are accurate, Bitmain pulled in the same amount as Nvidia last year. Yet while Nvidia is a household name, few people outside of the cryptocurrency space have even heard of Bitmain. Bernstein calculates Nvidia to have made $3 billion in 2017, but points out that it took 24 years for the company to attain that profit level; Bitmain has achieved the same feat in just four years.

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How was that possible to dominate and made such watering mouth profit in just few years? Well, that’s a question only Jihan Wu or Micree Zhan can answer. 

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