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Be Careful As Ponzi Scheme Resumes Activities In Nigeria

Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes that have been believed to have crashed and gone are back with more promises. MMM, Get help worldwide is now known as X-GHW re-branded and they are very active with participants claiming to be getting returns of money they pledge.

The ponzi scheme Twinkas also makes a strong come back with the new name Twinkas Re-branded.

Ponzi Schemes: MMM Makes A Comeback

The Mavrodi MMM that left millions of heart broken in 2018 have comeback with loads of promises. All operations and mode of operations are still same.

They have made cryptocurrency investment their focal point and are ready to accept investors. While they still maintain the original idea of a community of mutual help.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The new MMM have same feature like the old MMM. You Register for a free MMM Account using this Official Link. Note that participating in MMM is at personal risk.

Ponzi Schemes: Loopers Club Make A Comeback

Loopers club that collapse somewhere middle of last 2018 is now back with their Telegram group having more than 15.3k members and the numbers are climbing.

And there have been testimonies in this group that they have been paid by Loopers club. Remember that Loopers collapsed with millions of Nigerians money stuck and lost. But below is a screenshot from Telegram showing Loopers telegram group members.Loopers club

Ponzi Schemes: Get Help WorldWide Makes A Comeback

X-GHW Re-branded was first known as Get Help Worldwide then Get Help Worldwide exclusive before taking up this new name. Known for its rigid rules and commitment policies, X-GHW re-branded collapse sometime mid last year and now they are promising a good return for every investor.

The X-GHW re-branded Telegram group now have 13.9k members and the number is still rising. Below is a screenshot of X-GHW re-branded group and some of its activities.GHW re-branded

Ponzi Schemes: About Royal Income Platform

Next on our list of Ponzi scheme update is the ROYAL INCOME. Designed just like the MMM platform, ROYAL INCOME is a new comer into the list as they only currently have 1.8k Telegram group members.

Like MMM, they use the word PH and GH and their website,PH and GH orders look exactly like the clone of the MMM website. Whoever created this platform might have gone through alot of stress to develop something that looks exactly like that of Sergey Mavrodi’s MMM.

Below is a screenshot of ROYAL INCOME Telegram group and its recent activities.Royal Income

Ponzi Scheme: Twinkas Makes A Comeback

Lastly, we’ll introduce you to Twinkas Re-branded. Twinkas have been making lots of changes to their website for the past six months to meet up and start working again.

They recently launched their Twinkas Re-branded portal where all old members are required to re-brand their account or loose their funds. This action have left most of the old Twinkas account dormant and inactive.

To check if your Twinkas account is still active kindly visit their official website. This is the recent update about Ponzi scheme and their recent activities.

Ponzi schemes can be a very quick a way to make some money. It can also be a very quick way for you to lose money. It comes and goes anytime and it is unpredictable.

So on the above note please be advised that ponzi schemes are not to be trusted and putting your money in any ponzi scheme is at your own risk.

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