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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Austria Energy Company To Deliver Excellent Services With Blockchain Technology

Austria's largest utility company Wien Energie has expressed confidence that excellent services will be rendered customers as they work at incorporating the blockchain technology in handling networks of complex transactions.

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Chief innovation officer Astrid Schober had this to say during the German E world of Energy fair:
We are testing blockchain-based services in Vienna's Viertel Zwei and once we we have collected enough experience there, we will develop business models and bring them to market...It may be over optimistic but services may become available this as we are trying to be active and build the know-how in our company.
She added that among the products that are within reach are: green electricity provision, electric car charging and land registry services.

Last year, Along with British Petroleum and Italian energy giant Eni, Wien Energie created a trading solution with blockchain developer BTL's interbit platform.

Blockchain (decentralized public ledger that  originally records bitcoin transactions) appeals to the energy industry which must handle increasingly complex transactions between big and small producers and consumers and corporate entities as more decentralized renewable energy arrive.

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