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What To Do If Adsense Keep Disapproving Your Google Adsense Application

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To get Adsense application approved can be as easy as using a TV remote to change the TV channel or it can be as difficult as dragging a truck yourself. While most bloggers finds it difficult to get their adsense approval, a few smart ones are actually getting the approval within few weeks.

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First rule of google is that your content must be original. This mean that no copy and paste. But you can find your way around this. If you are to copy and paste from another source, make sure to make thorough edits to that article. Change the words(use similar words) and use a more captivating title different from where you copied.
Second important rule is sufficient content. Sufficient content is viewed by Google from two perspective. One you don’t have enough written articles in the blog (usually above 40 articles) and secondly most of your articles are copy and paste content.

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Third important rule is your use of words. Google have lists of words that it does not want its publishers to use, abusive words, rated 18+ words and many more(check Google policy for full list).
The last but not the least important rule is how your blog is organized. Your blog should be organized in such a way that it is easy for users to navigate through it. The template should be simple and allow users to find what they are looking for without stress.

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Conclusively, if you want your adsense application approved, write original articles (or make thorough edit to the articles you copied and pasted). Have enough articles before you apply, make use of good words and have an easy to navigate template.
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