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See Why African Women Might Be Richer Than The Men Soon

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It won’t be a surprise if in two years time Africa women becomes richer that the men. The advent of cryptocurrencies have seen many women in Africa invest in crypto (especially bitcoin).

According to a stat taken in Bitclub Advantage, 75% of its investors in Africa are women earning more than $2,000 at an average monthly. And with the price of bitcoin on the rise, these Africa women will likely be making $4,000 at an average monthly.
In a Team of 5 in Kenya that was rewarded with Cars and other benefits by Bitclub Advantage, 4 of the team members are Africa women and only one a man. While in Nigeria, in a team of 5 that was rewarded with cars and other benefits by Bitclub Advantage, 3 are female while 2 are male.
Are African Men scared of crypto investment or are they just busy providing for the family and allowing the women to invest.? Whatever the case, it seems African women are not slowing down in investing in crypto and making more money.
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