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See The Main Goal of the Korean Blockchain Association

What’s the main goal of the Korean Blockchain Association? 

The Korean Blockchain Association formally launched on January 26 with 66 members. And among its members are 25 crypto exchanges including all of the country’s major platforms such as Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, and Coinplug.

What necessitated this association? Well, the main interest of this Association according to South Korean former Minister of Information and Communication, Chin Dae-jae, who is the first chairman of the association. Top Star News quoted him saying, 

“The public interest in cryptocurrencies represented by bitcoin has soared, and the excessive speculative funding has flowed into exchanges. It’s our reality now.” He emphasized, “The association wants to be an effective communication channel between the government and the industry.”

The one time minister of the country further said that During the first half of the year, the association “plans to create an information system that allows the public to easily understand virtual currency, which stands as his main goal”

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