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See The Latest Networking Job Opportunity That Can Make Millions For You While At Home

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Do you have a good mobile phone or laptop? Do you have access to the internet? Are you a net-worker? Have you previously been a net-worker? Are you capable of convincing as many participants by your conversation? Do you have a good number of potential participants and prospects? If you meet just 2 if these criteria then you are good to go. Your financial status can totally change in 3 months.
Let us introduce you to Bitclub Advantage, a platform that has one of the best compensation plans for net-workers.
*What is bitclub advantage all about?**
Bitclub Advantage is a company that specializes in sports trading and cryptocurrency trading. The company is a trading company like so many others with the ultimate goal of making profit. The company hereby offers investors daily profits made from cryptocurrency trading.
How Aitclub Advantage Investment works.
An investor invests and gets return of investment of 300% of money invested over the space of 52 weeks. For example you invest $2000 and you earn $6000 as returns, after which you can choose to back out of investing with the company or reinvest back at least 1/3 of your investment.
Earnings are withdraw-able 1st and 15th of every month. NOTE (Ordinary investor does not have to refer any participant). 
Detailed ways of earning for those interested in networking in Bitclub Advantage 
Direct bonus
You earn 7.5% if your direct referral’s investment paid instantly. For example, your referral invests $2000 you earn 7.5% of $2000 instantly which is $150.
Indirect bonus
You earn another 7.5% of referral’s investment from the 2nd generation to the 8th generation of binary. That is another $150 earned from the 2nd generation to the 8th generation using the earlier example as illustration.
Construction bonus or binary bonus
This platform runs as a binary system ie for you ro qualify for binary bonus you have to refer one person on the right and left side of your binary. After this you begin to benefit from the efforts of people on both sides.
How Referrals Work in Bitclub Advantage
1. You fix Chike on the right side of your binary
2. You fix Andrew on the left side of your binary
3. Bitclub advantage then pays you 50% of the total points accumulated by your weaker leg daily.
For example, Chike accumulates 1500 points on th right and Andrew accumulates 1400 points on the left side. Bitclub pays you 50% of the points accumulated on the weaker side which in this example is 1400 points (Andrew’s side). For this example you earn 50% of 1400 which is $700.
Monthly residual activation
All members in bitclub advantage automatically pay a monthly activation fee via their back office, bitclub uses 50% of this amount for monthly upkeep of the platform while 50% is paid to uplines.
Award program
Gold 10000 points – Mont blanc wrist watch or invitation
Ruby 20000 points – Apple watch plus iPhone
Emerald 40000 points – Moto Yamaha factor 125i
Sapphire 100000 points – 4 days in Europe + tickets to a Real Madrid or Barcelona game + luxury car rentals
Diamond 250000 points – Hb20 okm + trip cruiser
Ambassador 500000 points Corolla or Honda civic + trip to Cancun
President 750000 points Mercedes Benz c180c + trip to Hawaii
Emperor 1000000 points Porsche carrera
For more details about cryptocurrency trading and registration link and to persons interested, contact Mr Pablo for details and questions. Serious inquiries onlyPhone call or whatsapp – +2349083832420 or +2348117745973



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