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See How You Can Make More Money From Home by Investing In Bitcoin

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Almost everyone has heard about bitcoin, but does everyone understand what this strange coin is all about. Well if you are about to invest in bitcoin and making money from its investment, just continue reading below

A Brief Explanation Of BTC

Bitcoin is basically a digital currency which is decentralized, meaning it is not affiliated with any country or government like other fiat currencies like dollars, pounds, Naira etc. This currency has been dubbed the future of money and some billionaires have themselves co-signed this currency.
Price value comparism of bitcoin between January 2017 and today
January 1 bitcoin – $700/ #325,000
November 1 bitcoin – $8200/ #2,960,000

Reason for constant increase in its value

Bitcoin has made business transactions easier across the world because transactions take less time and incur less charges. Increased demand for bitcoin and low supply. This has lead to slight scarcity of the cryptocurrency. Lots of owners of this crypto know the future potential of this currency and so therefore don’t readily sell.
November 2018 value prediction of bitcoin by digital currency experts 1btc = $25,000. What if I told you you could create a residual earning for yourself in this unique currency.
Introduction To Bitclub Advantage
Bitclub advantage is a digital currency and sports trading company which aims at affording it’s affiliates daily profits made from digital currency trading.
In Bitclub Advantage you basically invest and earn daily. You invest by picking the investment package of your choice and then you start earning daily dividends.
This is not a ponzi scheme because you earn directly based on what you invest. The company trades with the money invested. The CEO of this company is also not faceless, his name is Alex Pereira and is easily accessible on Facebook.
The system can somewhat be likened to creating a fixed deposit account in a bank and then coming back to get your dividends after a period of time and we all know what the banks do is invest this money deposited and pay you back from their profits.
Bitclub advantage also does not necessitate referral. The investment packages are displayed in the picture below and for all investment packages you earn 3x your investment as returns. Contact Mr Pablo via phone call or whatsapp +2349083832420 or +2348117745973 Serious inquiries only.



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