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Recent Pictures Shows Nigerians Investing In MMM

Nigerians Investing In MMM

If you have been around and invested in MMM last year, you’d be advising new MMM members to stop outing money into the new MMM. While MMM did caused lots of heartache back then in 2018, recent pictures have shown Nigerians investing in MMM.

The recent rise in PH makes its clear that people are willing to risk anything to make money from MMM. We can’t tell you to invest in MMM or not but we can always be bringing you latest updates as it happens.

In one of our recently updated articles we talked about why Nigerians Investing in MMM now are doing just that. There are many factors that contribute to this decision. So don’t be too quick to judge anyone who is investing in MMM.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free MMM Account using this Official Link. Note that participating is at personal risk.

Recent Pictures Of Nigerians Investing In MMM

We have put together some few pictures showing Nigerians investing in MMM. Please note that pictures are not meant to motivate you to PH but its meant to bring you an update about the MMM platform.

GH picturesMMMNew MMMPH and GH

We know lots of persons will argue that MMM is not an investment platform but a mutual donation community. Yes according to the website and MMM ideology the above is correct. But from the Facts we gathered from MMM, it is more than a mutual donation platform.

Knowing fully well that not every Nigerians can stay away from investing in MMM we put together some tips that will help you participate in MMM Safely. The tips are meant to help you try and stay safe as you participate in the new MMM.

New MMM community Members

The new MMM community grows stronger with each passing day. MMM recently announced the release of their first guider school. The school is aimed at graduating 300 new guiders to promote the MMM community and its ideology.

The new MMM community have also witnessed huge rise in PH volume over the period of two months. Well there are also some Five Truths we think you should know about the new MMM. This will better prepare you to understand what you are about to get yourself involve with.


How long will the new MMM be around, when will it start experiencing restarts and pause modes. Well those are the questions that we can’t precisely give you an update on. But be sure to keep an eye on this space to get any latest info regarding MMM.

With Nigerians investing in MMM, what do you think they’ll experience. Another heart breaking moment or maybe this time MMM might just be there to wipe their tears. Well the answer to the question lies with time.  Please use the button below to share our posts of Facebook and Twitter.


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