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Is It Safe To Participate In Ponzi Schemes


The popular answer to the question above is NO but if you are a smart player, you can actually make millions from participating in ponzi schemes. There are things to look out for as you participate in ponzi scheme, the post will serve as a guide. Read on


1. When To Invest in Ponzi: The best time to invest in a Ponzi Scheme is when it launches newly. This time, the owner of the scheme are seeking to impress and attract new members so every investor will be well paid to serve as a testimony to others. So when you invest in ponzi scheme at its early stages, you are sure to get both capital and bonus.

2. When To Quit Ponzi: The best time to quit ponzi is when the scheme have lasted for about three or four months. Ponzi schemes operates in such a way that new members contributions are use to pay old members and vice versa. After a period of time say 3-5 months, there will be an imbalance and this will lead to eventual crash of the scheme. So four months from you first investment is the right time to quit participating in ponzi schemes.

3. When To Reinvest in Ponzi: All ponzi schemes always try to make a comeback after every crash. The best time to reinvest is immediately after the platform launches again. Reason because, after the restart they have to prove to old members and new that they are active and paying, hence the first set of investors will be laid both their Capital and bonus as proof to attract others.

So if you can take risk and if you follow the steps above, investing in ponzi schemes will be very safe for you and you won’t have to loose a dime to any ponzi site. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mntrendsblog. Like our Facebook page “Mntrends Blog” and easily send us message or make enquiries.


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