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Follow These Smart Move To Reclaim Your Stuck Money from MMM

MMM Nigeria 2018

You have millions or thousands stuck in the MMM platform? Do you wish to try and recover those money? Well here is a simple, easy and smart way to recover most of your money. Note: not all but put of 100% of you stuck money you can recover 80% of them. Just listen to the analysis below

From past experience, the MMM platform always boom and runs smoothly after every pause or restart. But some persons are afraid to pledge money at this time. Now this is a mistake. The truth is, the right time for a member to put money into MMM is immediately after a restart or a pause mode. See reasons below
The MMM platform is built in such a way that it runs out of PH orders after 5 to 6 months of snoot operation. So when you pledge money after a restart, the platform is still very fresh and active and you will be paired and paid almost immediately.

If a member can continuously pledge money in the first to fourth month, he will receive most of his money after which in the sixth month he should stop MMM transactions and wait till there is anther restart. So for MMM Nigeria participants, now is the right time to put money in MMM as the system is still fresh and will run for the next 6 months before experiencing any problems.
Remember that you should not put in more money in MMM after the fifth month. Wait for another restart before you pledge money. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mntrendsblog for latest updates. Like us on Facebook “Mntrends Blog” and easily send us message or make enquiries on our Facebook page. 


  1. Hello guys I caves money last year on October2017 I gaved 30 k how can I get my money back Caroline marwa my no +254722307273


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