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Crypto Security Alert : Crypto Investors Are Now Target for Kidnapping

Bitcoin Security

Crypto Investors are becoming the focus of everyone as the price of cryptocurrencies in the market continues to rise. The rise in prices of these cryptocurrencies also means more money to the bank accounts of these investors. This is making them a target for Kidnapping amidst others.

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Just last week, Bitcoin News said that a Russian crypto expert Pavel Lerner was abducted by masked men close to his office. According to the report, the Russian bitcoin expert was released after paying bitcoin worth over a million dollar.


1. Be Silent about how much you are worth digitally. All bitcoin and other crytpo investors should not give impression as to how much they make from crypto, as this will easily make them target.

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2. Another measure of security should be to keep your cryptos safe to prevent others from knowing how much you are worth.

3. Crypto users should learn to keep mute on some issues on social media to avoid unnecessary attention. Everyone have access to the media, so frequently saying things or delving into all issues draw unnecessary attention.

4. Next is prayer, pray that no evil eye is cast upon your way as a crypto expert and that God(Allah) protect you and yours. If you are an atheist just keep your fingers crossed.

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Crypto Investors/experts are making millions of dollars from crypto investments, hence soon there may be likely more stories of crypto expert attacks. Learn to be on the safe side now and avoid paying out millions as ransom. 


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