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Crypto Miners: Russia Introduced a Mining Detector


The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media in Russia is said to be developing a system to identify cryptocurrency miners in  the country. 

The purpose of this system development in Russia is so that crypto miners can be taxed, reported by Vedomosti last week. The publication elaborated:

There will be a special system for detecting miners – according to the structure of current consumption and Internet traffic, to correlate the capacity of the mining equipment with the amount of cryptocurrency that the miner declares on the crypto exchange

Mining regulation is being prepared by the Ministry of Communications. A bill that is expected to be submitted to the State Duma by February 1. And some persons according to the publication has confirmed that this recent development(mining detector) is included in the bill yet to be revealed. 
This is not the first time Russia has explored ways to identify miners. In October, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, Anatoly Aksakov, noted the possibility of using electricity consumption to track crypto miners.
What do you think about this new development? Do you think Russia will be able to identify crypto miners? 
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