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A-ads Network Best Alternative To Google Adsense For Bloggers


How many times have you applied for Adsense and still get disapproved, or how long have you been applying for Adsense without approval? How about getting your blog monetize with an Alternative To Google Adsense that might be slightly better than Google Adsense, that will be cool right. Just continue reading

A-ads Network is an advertising company that pays its affiliates with bitcoin. all payment are made in bitcoin and are automatically sent once you reach the threshold. A-ads does not make use of CPC but rather they make use of unique CPM.


For many reasons, A-ads Network can be refer to as the best alternative advertising network because it offers something more. Unlike google that have strict policies and A-ads network have less policies.

Google Adsense also have lots of terms and conditions as regards opening account. But A-ads Network only needs a valid email and insertion of codes to bet started. You don’t also have to verify your address before you get paid.

About A-ads Network

A-ads network as an advertising company that pays its advertiser for every unique impression generated for their ad units. By unique CPM,they mean that every day,they register each new IP that sees their ads and you get paid.

It is important to note that A-ads Network don’t pay for Clicks.That is they are not a CPC related advertising company. So it is best ryou keep your A-ads adverts in a location where people will make impression and you get paid easily.

A-ads network is an advertising company that offers affiliation to bloggers. A-ads network is easy to set up and you can stay completely anonymous while using A-ads network. Unlike Google that requires lots of verification, A-ads network only needs a valid bitcoin wallet to send you your earnings.

Earnings in A-ads network is calculated from per unique impressions around the globe made from your blog. They also pay per click. They make use of iframe for adverts and this does not slow down you page loading. And it also makes the ads loads very fast.

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To start you need to create a free account with A-ads Network and its relatively fast. CLICK HERE to visit the official website of A-ads Network and create an account. Note that A-ads only pays with bitcoins, so get your bitcoin wallet address ready and update you A-ads account after creating a new account.

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