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The Rise and Fall in Bitcoin Price Confirm That Investing In Bitcoin Is At Personal Risk


Big financial institutions have warned against investing in Bitcoin. Government of some countries have shown concern about bitcoin investments. Well known individuals have also warned against the use of Bitcoin. But everyday, more people are showing massive interest in bitcoin.

The recent fall in bitcoin price gives more reason for great concern. The price of bitcoin fell some 30% within a day after reaching an all high $20,000 landmark. Since bitcoin is not regulated by a known body, it is expected of the price to fluctuate at such rate.

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The rise and fall in bitcoin price therefore makes it clear that investing in bitcoin is at personal risk. It can liken to gambling, nothing is for sure, you might make great profits from investing in Bitcoin but also have it in mind that you can make great loss also.

As at the time of writing this article, the bitcoin price that was above $20,000 24hours ago fell down to a little above $13,000. No expert would have predicted that and no investor saw this fall in price coming. Be sure when to cash in you bitcoin to avoid staying on the wrong side of bitcoin. 


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