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See What Islamic Religious Body Of Turkey Have To Say About The Use of Bitcoin

The Turkey’s religious body has reportedly weighed in on crytpocurrency use when it comes to people who are loyal to Islam and the country. According to its website,The body also known as the Diyanet has jurisdiction “related to the beliefs, worship and morals of Islamic Religon,  “to enlighten the society about religion and to manage places of worship”.

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According to the news that appeared on “bitcoin News”, The Diyanet claim that the anonymity behind these currency is a major reason members to stop using these currencies. It further went to say, “In order for a currency to have a monetary value, it must either take its value in the state authority or have a unique value like that of Gold”.

Although virtual money is been used by most people (business organizations inclusive) as a means of exchange, crypto currencies can not be regarded as money because it lacks the prestige and credibility that the state provides and there is no central financial institution behind it and it is not under government guarantee, said the Diyanet.

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In its conclusion, the Diyanet said that “it is inappropriate to sell/buy virtual money in the following stages, people are open to speculation about losing, people easily used it for unauthorized work and transactions such as money laundering purposes and its away from state supervision and oversight.
Do you think religion should delve into cryptocurrency supporting or been against the use of the likes of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash and the rest? Now that The Diyanet have shown concern over crypto will other religion follow suites? Please leave your opinion via your comments below.
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