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Photos: See How More Than 40 Million Naira Of Nigerians Got Stuck In MMM Ponzi


It all started with a simple PH and GH order. Then gradually business men and women, students, traders, civil servants and even Old Men and women began to participate in MMM.

Gradually as they get a continuous return, the amount of money they put in (PH) began to increase. Then came the first break, December 13th 2016 to be precise. Then came a second Pause mode in August of 2017and the introduction of Mavro 100%. Then a third break in October 2017 then finally a restart in November 2017.

All these while, participants have putting in more money to recover their old money not knowing when the put huge sums of money into MMM. The total amount of money stuck in MMM might be way more than 40 Million Naira. If you don’t believe, below are screenshots of few accounts with thousands and millions stuck

How much do you have stuck in MMM Nigeria, tell us via your comments below. What do you, will MMM be able to pay back all these money to its participants or are these money gone for good? Leave you opinion via your comments below. 


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