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Nigerians Won’t Dump Local Currency For Bitcoin


With the current trend of bitcoin investment across the country, some persons and local organizations won’t leave the Nigeria Naira and accept bitcoin(nigerians won’t leave local currency for bitcoin). The reason for this is quite simple, most of these individuals claim that bitcoin has no real value and that it’s value is determined by local currencies across the globe.


Mr Emuesiri the CEO of B J concepts are painting firm when talking about bitcoin said that bitcoin is only good when dealing with international marketers. He further went to explain that, local traders won’t accept bitcoin as means of payment because they prefer buying and selling and the circle continues.
In his opinion, he said that bitcoin can never displace the use of local currency as most traders still pay for goods and services using local currency. In conclusion he added, bitcoin is no doubt a break through in the international market but he said most local traders don’t understand bitcoin and hence have refuse to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.
Bitcoin is gaining popularity by the day let’s hope it gets to a point where local traders opens their arms wide and accept bitcoin as a means of payment. 



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