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MMM Nigeria Restructures Platform For 2018 Activities


It is now old news that MMM Nigeria have experienced a restart. But there is a wise saying that goes like this “The downfall of a man is not the End of the Man”. While media’s and bitter participants have been bad mouthing the MMM Nigeria community, the MMM admins have been silently working to restructure the platform to perform fully in 2018.

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Below are some of the changes made and how it will help stabilize the MMM community in 2018.

1. PHONE NUMBER VERIFICATION: The MMM admins have decided to activate phone number verification. This means that all phone numbers in an account must be valid. And this also means that one phone number will be associated to one MMM account.

2. REMOVAL OF PROMO TASK: The prizes associated with promo task have been removed. No money from the system will be used to pay persons who performed promo task, online and offline tasks will no longer attract any monetary rewards or benefits.

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3. ALL MAVROS CATEGORIZE AS OLD MAVROS: All existing Mavros before the restart (2016 Mavros, June, July, August and September Mavros). This will now enable the system to give fraction of your old Mavros irrespective of when it was acquired. As to how old Mavros will be released, no official news have been announced by MMM yet.

4. ALL BITCOIN MAVROS CONVERTED TO LOCAL CURRENCY: All Bitcoin Mavros have been converted to local currency and categorized as old Mavros. This is done in an effort to try and pay all old Mavros when the system kick start come 2018.

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It seems MMM still have plans to operate in Nigeria come 2018,will it be a smooth operation? Will it be wise to join a community that has held millions of Naira? That question is for our readers please feel free to leave your opinion via your comments below. 



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