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Bitclub Advantage Informs Investors/Members of Server Updates

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In the early hours of today, Bitclub Advantage Academy sent a message to inform its investors/members about server updates. This message was sent to reduce panic as trying to access the Bitclub Advantage platform will be temporarily unavailable or there will be errors trying to access the platform.
Please note that the message below is scam and not related to Bitclub Advantage.
Server Update
Dear affiliate, to better serve everyone there is an update going on the server
this is General instructions from Admin to all our user to update their account
to keep your data updated on our system server
CLICK HERE: http://bitclubadvantage.ga
we are sorry for any inconvenience.”
Note that the Server Update has been done and that the official website link to log into Bitclub Advantage is www.bitclubadvantage.academy any other website link is invalid.
Share this message on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups to keep Bitclub Advantage investors/members informed and stop any form of unnecessary panic and to stop them from falling for fraud.
Remember that Bitclub Advantage admins are trying to work for your own benefit. They are trying to run a smooth and fast platform for everyone.



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