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10 Things Worth Knowing About Bitcoin and Its Price History

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If you are a bitcoin investor or miner, there might have been some few things that have skipped you in 2017 about bitcoin history. Let’s get to the did you know part of bitcoin history in 2017.
1. Did you know that in the early part of 2017, bitcoin was worth a little above $1,000? and that then people were still skeptical about investing in bitcoin or mining bitcoin?
2. Did you know that it took approximately  138 days for the price of bitcoin to double for the first time in 2017? It took bitcoin 138 days for its price to double to $2,000.

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3. Did you also know that it took lesser days for the price of bitcoin to double again. It took bitcoin just 85 days to for its price to jump from $2,000 to $4,000.
4. Did you know that the rise stability and rise in bitcoin was as a result of the SegWit initiated in 2017, which resulted in a split in the blockchain that gave birth to Bitcoin Cash?
5. Did you know that it took bitcoin 98 days for its price to double from $4,000 to $8,000?

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6. Did you know that China was the giant of bitcoin till the government introduced policies that brought fear into the minds of bitcoin investors in the country?
7. Did you know that South Korea and Japan took over the bitcoin market after China slowed down?
8. Did you know that Zimbabwe was the most expensive bitcoin market in 2017, recording an all high bitcoin price of $17,000 when global bitcoin was just a little above $10,000?

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9. Did you know that the global bitcoin price was rising at the rate of $1,000 every 24-48 hours in the later year of 2017?
10. Did you know that after recording an all high price of $16,000, bitcoin price fell down to $13,000 in 2017?
Well if you didn’t know these about bitcoin 2017, now you know. What will happen to bitcoin in 2018 are still speculations. But investing in bitcoin is still a good option. If your are interested in investing you bitcoin contact Mr Pablo +2348117745973 or +2349083832420 Also available on WhatsApp.



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