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Understanding The Concept Of Spare Money In MMM Platform


Before clicking to Provide Help (PH) in MMM, every participant is made to understand that they should PH with only their spare money. But it seems some people don’t fully understand what is meant by this spare money. Some even claim that no money is spare but this is what MMM means by spare money.

Simply put, a spare money is a money that you can loose and won’t feel that you have lost a thing. For example, the money you have kept aside to buy Gala, Lacasera, Nutri Milk can be refer to as spare money reason because if you loose the money meant for the things above you won’t feel too bad.

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What MMM therefore meant by spare money is that, every participant should participate with the amount of money they can loose and they won’t feel bad as the system is not guaranteed. This simply means that, you should participate with the amount you can afford to loose.

Some persons spare money might be bigger than others. For example, your spare money might be ten thousand that of another person might be one hundred thousand. But be sure that when participating in MMM, participate with the amount you can afford to loose.

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That is the concept of spare money explained above. MMM Nigeria just undergone a restart and it’s important each participant understands what is meant by spare money if they wish to further participate. For more updates, subscribe to our newsletter and get daily free updates delivered to your email address. 


  1. We all know in life you must lose so to get, but how things are in the Nation, telling People to put money they may lose is a great problem because, they will not be happy with you. If you preached to them: put your money on this,but always be peasant to get it back, there may be dealt, is better. MMM have helped some People, but many are yet to get. Why not live it to runs a full one or two years as it is in other Countries before the upgrade ? The problem here was to much upgrade. But I still have hope and believe that MMM will do us good and stand.


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