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Twinkas Makes a Promising Come Back To All Old and New Members

Finally it seems twinkas have gotten it right and is now ready for old and new participants. Twinkas which is an online donation exchange platform is finally coming out of it’s shell to pay all old participants and to continue it’s operations. The twinkas admin have created a re-branded portal for all old members to recycle their money and make them available for withdrawal now. If your old account has not been re-branded by now, then the sad news is that you have lost everything in that account.
In light of this new come back, Twinkas have introduced three Log In portal to it’s members. The Private Portal, Resellers Panel and Rebranded Portal.
There have been testimonies flying around on Facebook about Twinkas paying it’s participants. Some even claimed that Twinkas finally paid them their old money that has been stuck in the system. We can’t verify how true this is as it might just be another strategy by Twinkas Admins to get people to put in money into Twinkas.
But if you have the data and time, we advice you visit your twinkas account and see if there is anything left for you there. You should also connect with them on Facebook. Twinkas has an official Facebook Page and Twitter handler, you can connect with them and ask them any question you need answers to.


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