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See The Review of MMM Performance In Africa

The general review of the MMM community in Africa is something worth looking into. We have heard that MMM in other continent and countries have been in good condition.

In Africa however, the situation is quite different. In fact four countries in Africa experienced restart within the year. MMM Zimbabwe was the first to experience a restart, MMM Kenya was next followed by MMM South Africa and recently MMM Nigeria. Every of these restart got many millions of local currency and Bitcoin stuck in the platform.

In over all, MMM have really performed poorly in Africa. According to a recent voting poll in our website, most persons voted that MMM have done more harm when compare with good. See voting poll result below
The recent events in the MMM community across African countries have kept many participants at bay watching the next move of the MMM community. Will participants put in more money into the MMM community? Only time will give the right answer to the question above.

MMM Ghana is currently going fine and MMM Nigeria and South Africa is gradually getting back to its feet after the restart. Maybe there is still hope for MMM participants in Africa. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for fresh updates. 


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