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See The Answer to Who Will Be Receiving The New PH? | MMM Nigeria Participants Asks

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With the current restart news that appeared in the MMM website, PH has been encouraged to quickly kick start activities of the system. But most participants have shown concern as to who these new PH will be paid to. And for good reasons the question is a nice and genuine one. But for all those who are still wondering who will be paid with the new PH, below is the answer to your question.

The new PH will be use to pay the participants. By the participants we mean all those that are going to make new PH. This is how it will be done, all those that are to press the PH button will also have an outstanding GH that has not been merged. For every PH each participant create, he/she should also create a GH request. Once this is done, everyone who will be PHin will also have an outstanding GH.

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Once the above is followed, every PH will be merged with a GH. So when you PH, have it in mind that your PH order and your GH orders will be merged almost at same time. So don’t worry about your new PH thinking it will be used to pay someone else, in a sense it will be used to pay for your own GH.

MMM Nigeria is trying to build from scratch, it’s now left for participants to support the system and help it grow. One way to do this is by PH and GH. Remember that the drama is yet to be finished, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us as we give you details as it unfolds. 


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