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No Free Bitcoin: You Either Mine Bitcoin or You Buy

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Many website claim to give out free bitcoin and some persons even come online to claim that they have a software that can mine you bitcoin with ease. But the simple truth is, there is no website that gives free bitcoin and if there is an Application/software that makes mining bitcoin easy, then everyone would be billionaires by now. There are however, real ways to earn bitcoin and it’s mostly by buying or mining.


Buying bitcoin simply means that you exchange local currency for bitcoin. There are various bitcoin exchange platforms in across the world that gives bitcoin in exchange for local currency. Remitano is one such exchange platform that exchange local currency for bitcoin and vice versa. CLICK HERE to read more about buying and selling bitcoin in Remitano.

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Buying bitcoin is an easy and fast way to get bitcoin, as your bitcoin is sent to your bitcoin wallet almost immediately. But it is very risky to buy bitcoin from unknown source or from any individual you meet online. Most of these persons will just take your money without funding your bitcoin wallet.


Mining bitcoin is not an easy task and it might take up to months for an individual to mine a reasonable amount of bitcoin. Simply put, mining is more profitable when it’s been done with a team of miners with latest mining equipment. CLICK HERE to learn how you can mine bitcoin from your phone browser.

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But there are some website that allow you to mine bitcoin using your phone browser. In this websites, you need to have a good mobile device with fast processing and a good battery capacity. You also need a fan to continuously cool the temperature of your phone as it can easily be heated up. The bottom line is, there is no free bitcoin.
So don’t be deceived, there is no free bitcoin out there. And any mining website that mine bitcoin offline(that is when your internet connection is off) then know that it is a fake mining website. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on bitcoin.



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