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MMM Nigeria Update: A Restart Is Not The End


MMM Nigeria Guiders have been trying to send messages across their various social media platforms to tell participants that a restart is not the end of MMM activities. Although most of the participants are bitter and angry, but the guiders still believes there is hope for the MMM Nigeria platform.

According to the admin in the news that appeared in the MMM website, old Mavros acquired will be frozen but as time goes on it will be available for withdrawal. It seems so unlikely that MMM is now requesting its participants to put in more money knowing fully well that some of them have money from 2016,June,July, August and September stuck in the system.

As unpleasant as it may sound, the only way forward for MMM is for its members to PH more money into the system. The good news still remains that the restart is not the end of all MMM activities. The hope is that as activities kick off, old Mavros will be released for participants. But is it really wise for someone to put in more money where previous money have stuck? If you were in their shoes will you put in more money?

The MMM Nigeria saga is far from over, infact its just getting started and Team_Mntrends will be following up with the latest. To stay updated with latest happenings, subscribe to our newsletter and get it delivered to you for free.



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